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Discuss all of the available episodes of Supersize vs Superskinny.

Explore recommended weight loss resources for meeting your goals of a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Diet

The ideal diet for achieving your healthy weight is not a single solution for all people. As should be obvious from the various body types, different people respond in different ways to the same food.

The Metabolic Typing Approach

supersize vs superskinny metabolic typing diet book cover

The Metabolic Typing Diet recognizes this, and the included test determines your ideal diet on a spectrum ranging from high-carb to high-protein. It also explains the differences in Supersize vs Superskinny.

The Wheat Belly Approachsupersize vs superskinny wheat belly book cover

Wheat Belly exposes the dangers of consuming wheat and wheat-based products, such as flour. Wheat Belly explains why consuming these products stimulates appetite and weight gain. It’s not you – it’s the wheat. Toss the wheat, relieve allergies, aches, and pains, reduce your body fat percentage, and reduce your hunger levels effortlessly. This book is written by a cardiologist.

Other Approaches

The book, Metabolism Miracle, outlines a good plan for reducing one’s carb intake, but in the end, there is little scientific justification for many of the claims in the book. (Never trust anything with “Miracle” in the title!) It leaves out important points regarding different metabolic processing of nutrients (as in Metabolic Typing) and also fails to highlight the dangers of wheat consumption (Wheat Belly). This book is written by a dietician.

While a good place to start, you won’t be able to reach your goals without reviewing the information in the Wheat Belly and Metabolic Typing approaches.


Safe Exercise

An overweight body requires a different approach to exercise than a body that is already fit.

supersize vs superskinny plus size pilates

Develop your baseline level of fitness with safe, effective, mind-body fitness routines like Plus Size PilatesMegaYoga, and Heavyweight Yoga. These methods are targeted to the needs and safety requirements of plus size movement.